Camping Equipment For Cooking on Open Fires

August 9, 2023

There’s nothing cooking on open fire equipment  like a meal cooked over an open fire after a long day on the trail. It’s also a great way to spend time with friends and family in the company of nature.

The key to  over a fire is having the right equipment. Although you can use regular kitchen pots and pans for campfire cooking, it’s best to have a dedicated set of gear made from materials that can withstand the heat of an outdoor fire. Cast iron is a popular choice because it conducts heat very well and can withstand high temperatures. Stainless steel can also work, though it doesn’t distribute heat as evenly and can become prone to hot spots.

Culinary Magic with Flames: Exploring Equipment for Cooking on Open Fire

A good long spoon is a must have for stirring soups and stews in a Dutch oven or for reaching deep into the bottom of your campfire grill. For utensils that are going to be exposed to the fire, make sure they don’t have plastic handles as these will melt and may release toxic chemicals into the environment. A pair of a stainless steel tongs is another essential piece of camping kitchen equipment for grabbing food from the campfire. These are a lot safer and easier to grip than standard metal cutlery.

A rotisserie grill is a great choice for larger cuts of meat or even whole chickens. Slowly rotating above the flames will provide that signature ‘flame-grilled taste’ that burger joints love to brag about. These can be a little difficult to get going, so you’ll need some good quality charcoal briquettes or a propane campfire stove to power them.

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