Can You Get a Tummy Tuck After C Section?

April 13, 2024


As the mother of a beautiful baby, you may feel like your body has been permanently altered by pregnancy. Fortunately, there are ways to regain your original body shape, and many women find these procedures very fulfilling. One popular option is a tummy tuck after c section, or abdominoplasty. This procedure uses surgical incisions to remove excess abdominal fat and tighten the abdomen. It is a great way to restore your confidence and help you feel more like yourself again.

Tummy Tuck After C-Section: Regain Your Pre-Pregnancy Body

The answer to the question “Can you get a tummy tuck after c section?” is yes, but this surgery should be delayed until your body has fully recovered from your C-section. This can take a few weeks, at which point it is likely that you will have lost most of the excess pregnancy weight. Performing a tummy tuck at this stage could result in less-than-satisfactory results and a difficult recovery.

Moreover, combining the two surgeries would create more complications than it is necessary to endure. In addition to a lengthy recovery period, the risk of infection, blood clots and other problems rises significantly when two surgeries are done at once.

A tummy tuck should be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, and your OB/GYN is not trained to perform this procedure. Even if they were, the idea of having both an OB/GYN and a plastic surgeon in the operating room at the same time sounds absurd. If you are considering a tummy tuck after your C-section, schedule an expert consultation with our plastic surgeons to determine the best timing for this procedure.

Stroke Rehabilitation in Sydney

March 17, 2024

In order to improve their quality of life following a stroke, many people require ongoing rehabilitation from experienced physiotherapists and other specialists. The aim of rehabilitation is to stimulate your brain’s ability to change and adapt (which is called neuroplasticity) and re-learn those parts of the body affected by your stroke. This is achieved through a variety of techniques, including physical exercises and activities to increase mobility, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and emotional support.

Stroke rehabilitation in Sydney is often provided to you as soon as you are stable in a hospital stroke unit or medical ward. Depending on your circumstances, you may then progress to an inpatient stroke rehabilitation unit or to centre-based or home rehabilitation (see Getting good care, on EnableMe).

Your recovery is guided by your medical team, which will consist of a nurse specialist, a registrar, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, a speech pathologist and dietitians. They will set you goals, monitor your progress and support you through your recovery. Carers also play a key role in your rehabilitation and training is available for them to assist with the specific needs of a person living with stroke.

Optimizing Stroke Rehabilitation in Sydney

Concentric Rehabilitation Centre is Sydney’s first rehabilitation clinic dedicated to providing you with first class on-going rehabilitation after your discharge from hospital. Our clinical approach is based on the 7 principles of stroke rehabilitation which we have designed to maximise your recovery. We have a strong focus on one-to-one physiotherapy sessions and achieving your long term goals. We believe this is crucial for the best outcomes in your rehabilitation.

What is IV Therapy?

January 8, 2024

A 417 INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE(intravenous) drip delivers vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes directly into your bloodstream. They help to boost energy, reduce pain and inflammation, and address dehydration. IV treatments are offered at many locations, including hydration bars, doctor’s offices and specialty clinics. They are typically not covered by health insurance.

A healthcare professional will choose a vein in your arm or hand, and then sanitize the area before inserting a small needle into the site. This will be attached to a tubing called a cannula, and the tube will be connected to an IV bag of medication. They may use an ultrasound scan to guide the needle if it is difficult to find a vein.

The Healing Drip: A Closer Look at the Benefits of IV Therapy

The healthcare professional will periodically check the cannula to make sure it is working properly, and that there are no signs of inflammation in the area. If you are going to need multiple IV sessions, they may recommend having a permanent port surgically implanted under your skin. This will allow the healthcare professional to use a different needle each time and avoid the need for repeated skin punctures.

Some people are allergic to certain components of the IV medication, so a healthcare professional will ask questions before beginning treatment. The most common allergies are to saline solution, which is used to flush the IV line, and heparin, an anticoagulant that keeps the blood from clotting too quickly in the vein. A healthcare professional will monitor you for any signs of a reaction and may remove the cannula and change the medication.

Home Care Philadelphia

November 24, 2023

Home Care philadelphia provides individuals with trusted and consistent non-medical home health agency philadelphia. Depending on the person’s needs, this can include assistance with activities of daily living, transportation and errands, homemaking tasks, supervision of medical care and more. These home care agencies can be a great alternative to nursing homes. They can provide a more personalized level of care, and are typically much cheaper than a nursing home.

How much does home care cost in PA?

Choosing the right agency can be difficult. One option is to use the Medicare’s online resource tool that shows all approved providers near your home. However, this list is not very comprehensive and it does not show which agencies are able to provide the specific care you need. A better option may be to use a SHIP (Senior Health Insurance Program) counselor, which offers free advice and guidance on Medicare coverage and options.

Another important consideration is the type of care that your loved one requires. For example, if your loved one has dementia or other conditions that require home healthcare, you will want to find a company that is familiar with these conditions and can provide proper supervision and support.

In the Philadelphia area, home care philadelphia is offered by numerous agencies that provide premium non-medical in-home caregiver services for seniors, people with neuromuscular conditions, post-surgery and rehab needs, and those with a variety of other disabilities or assisted living needs. These services can include assistance with personal care, transportation, errands, meal preparation and cleaning, bathing and dressing, and other activities of daily living.

Best Fat Burner

October 11, 2023


The best fatburner will help you lose weight faster than diet and exercise alone. They typically contain ingredients that boost your metabolism and increase the rate at which you burn calories, as well as ingredients that suppress your appetite. Many also contain stimulants like caffeine to give you energy during your workouts. Caffeine is a common ingredient in both thermogenic and non-stimulant fat burners, but it’s important to read the label and understand your tolerance level to this type of product. Stimulant-based fat burners can cause side effects such as jitters or sleep disturbances, while non-stimulant ones may still provide you with a beneficial effect.

The Psychology of Fat Burners: How They Impact Your Mindset

A quality fat burner isn’t cheap, but you should be able to find one that works within your budget. The most expensive products usually have high-quality, tried-and-true ingredients and come with added extras such as mood enhancers and fatigue fighters. The cheapest option offers basic ingredients, such as green tea leaf extract and cayenne pepper extract, but may not offer the same effect.

PhenQ is our top pick for a multifaceted fat burner that targets belly fat. Its blend of natural ingredients includes capsimax powder to kick-start your metabolism and calcium carbonate to raise your resting metabolic rate. It also contains a dose of L-carnitine to help your body oxidize stored fat and a form of glucomannan that can reduce your appetite. You should take this fat burner right after your morning workout to maximize its benefits, but avoid it before bed because it contains a large amount of caffeine.