Kyziridi House Leonidio Rentals

April 3, 2024

Kyziridi House Leonidio Rentals Villa Eugenia embodies family bonds and traditions. Crafted in the 1970s by an Athenian with Leonidian roots, it is now managed by his three granddaughters who combine their professional expertise in luxury tourism with a deep love for the region’s unique essence. Dedicated to sustainable practices, they embrace the area’s rich heritage and distinctive charm with a heartfelt invitation to experience comfort and quality.

The sweeping landscape of the south Kynouria region (formerly part of Arcadia) offers an idyllic setting for a variety of activities and attractions, attracting adventurers from across the globe. The majestic Myrtoan Sea and imposing cliffs border the landscape, while towering Mount Parnon stands sentinel to the west. The fertile plain is home to a thriving agricultural community, generating citrus fruits and pears and renowned for its prized “tsakonikes” aubergines, holding a protected designation of origin.

Kyziridi House Leonidio Rentals

The enchanting village of Leonidio lies within an hour’s drive, offering tree-shaded squares hosting cafes renowned for serving the finest “galaktoboureko.” Nearby, a scenic port at Plaka welcomes visitors with its array of fishing boats and small vessels, presenting an image straight from a postcard. A pristine natural pond forms a tranquil oasis, allowing for a revitalizing swim in crystal-clear waters. The region’s ancient ruins and architectural wonders offer an authentic taste of Greece’s rich past. Whether exploring the mountainous peaks on foot or biking along the scenic trails, the south Kynouria region offers an unforgettable escape.

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