Native Smokes Offer Ceremonial Benefits Without the Harmful Tobacco

March 13, 2024

native smokes

Smoking tobacco is a native smoke health risk that can cause lung cancer, heart disease, and other issues. It can also harm loved ones through secondhand smoke. Luckily, there are safer alternatives such as native smokes that offer the same ritual and ceremonial benefits without the chemicals and dangerous substances found in commercial cigarettes.

In the past, tribal members used a variety of plant materials to create kinnickinnick, or “what is mixed.” This was usually done during ceremonies such as funerals or dances to honor the dead and give thanks for life. The kinnickinnick might consist of the inner bark of willows, dogwoods, or sumac leaves, with about one-third tobacco.

Boudreau and other leaders in her tribe are working to decrease the influence of commercial tobacco, with tactics such as educating kids on traditional use, encouraging families to grow and harvest their own tobacco, offering cessation help at clinics, and creating smoke-free spaces at pow wows. She and other tribal leaders believe these strategies could be more effective than merely rolling out generic anti-tobacco advertisements or pushing “just say no to tobacco” messages.

Convenience and Accessibility: Tips for Finding Cigarettes Near Me

While some retailers and online platforms may sell native cigarettes, it is important to research the specific rules and regulations for each region before making a purchase. Additionally, it is often a good idea to look for special offers or bulk purchase options that may provide cost savings. In addition, it is always a good idea to practice responsible consumption and adhere to legal age restrictions when purchasing any tobacco products.

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