Phone Number Validation API

June 20, 2023

phone number validation API

phone number validation API  is an essential tool to have in order to ensure that your users are providing accurate and complete contact information. Invalid or incorrect phone numbers can slow down the sales and marketing process by preventing your team from getting in touch with new leads and customers.

These APIs allow you to check phone numbers in real-time and verify their validity. They also provide insights such as country, number type, active status, and more. These services are a great way to streamline your marketing and sales efforts while protecting you from fraud or compliance issues.

Streamline Data Integrity: Leveraging a Phone Number Validation API for Accurate Phone Number Verification

Loqate: Loqate is a phone number validator that offers a free tier with 50 credits and a paid tier with unlimited credits. It has a variety of use cases and is easy to integrate into your website, CRM, and ERP. It does a fantastic job of detecting the correct line type and is fully compliant with the TCPA.

Nutrino: Nutrino is an API that enables you to validate and standardize local and international phone numbers, detect the correct line type (landline, mobile, or VoIP), and check whether a number is active or disconnected. The API supports a variety of languages and is available in JSON and XML.

Abstract: Abstract is a global phone number validation and verification service that allows you to verify phone numbers in real-time at the point of entry. It also provides details such as phone carrier and line type in over 240 countries, and is a good choice for businesses that want to protect their users from spam calls or robocalls.

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