Polymeric Rubber

September 28, 2023

polymeric rubber

Polymeric rubber MUGA is a popular choice of surface for sports courts and multi-use games areas as it provides ideal ball bounce capabilities. This surface also has good slip resistance qualities making it ideal for sports such as basketball, tennis and netball. It can be painted in a variety of different colours and can include line markings for specific sports. It is a great surface for professional athletics and offers a high standard of play, and can be installed with a shockpad underneath to reduce the impact on athletes when playing sport.

The term rubber refers to a wide range of polymeric materials that have elastic properties. Natural rubber, from the latex of the bark or roots of certain trees, is a natural elastomer and has many useful properties. It is exceptionally flexible, a good electrical insulator and resistant to corrosive chemicals. It is also a very effective lubricant.

Exploring the Benefits of Polymeric Rubber Surfaces in Sports and Playgrounds

However, natural rubber has a number of disadvantages. It has poor heat resistance, with a glass transition temperature (Tg) of only -125 degC, and it is sensitive to oxygen and ozone, which cause rupture of the carbon-carbon double bonds over time.

In order to overcome these issues, a process known as vulcanization is used. This involves heating the rubber and cross-linking the chains with sulfur molecules. This limits the degrees of freedom of the molecules, which tightens them for a given strain, increasing their tensile strength and elongation. It is this process that makes natural rubber more ozone-resistant and allows it to retain its elasticity under stress. This ozone-resistance is further enhanced by the addition of reinforcing fillers such as silica, sulphur, antioxidants and desiccants.

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