Pulsar Thermal Spotter

March 9, 2024

The pulsar thermal spotter is one of the most popular products among hunters and shooters. This device enables you to see critters in the dark without any illumination that can give away your location. Using the advanced microbolometer technology and HD AMOLED display, you can get clear images and zoom in on your targets at long ranges. The pulsar thermal spotter has a wide variety of functions, including video and photo recording. It also has built-in WiFi that allows you to connect the device to your smartphone and stream video and photos, as well as log and save data from your observations.

Can a pulsar thermal spotter be used during the day?

Unlike digital night vision devices, the new generation of pulsar thermal scope can switch to colour during daylight. However, the user-defined calibration is necessary in order to level out the signals and produce a correct image. This process can be done in the Stream Vision 2 mobile application, where you can manage all of the device’s functionalities and settings.

This app is free for all registered users of pulsar products, and enables you to share Observation Content with your social media friends, transfer them to messengers or use the Stream Vision 2 Cloud service. This service provides 16 GB of storage for your images and videos, as well as remote control of the device’s digital functions.

The Pulsar thermal spotter is a light and compact front attachment that converts your daytime rifle scope into a ready-to-use thermal device in seconds. Its precise screen positioning mechanism ensures that the displayed thermal image is ideally aligned with your rifle’s field of view, making it easy to operate.

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