Stroke Rehabilitation in Sydney

March 17, 2024

In order to improve their quality of life following a stroke, many people require ongoing rehabilitation from experienced physiotherapists and other specialists. The aim of rehabilitation is to stimulate your brain’s ability to change and adapt (which is called neuroplasticity) and re-learn those parts of the body affected by your stroke. This is achieved through a variety of techniques, including physical exercises and activities to increase mobility, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and emotional support.

Stroke rehabilitation in Sydney is often provided to you as soon as you are stable in a hospital stroke unit or medical ward. Depending on your circumstances, you may then progress to an inpatient stroke rehabilitation unit or to centre-based or home rehabilitation (see Getting good care, on EnableMe).

Your recovery is guided by your medical team, which will consist of a nurse specialist, a registrar, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, a speech pathologist and dietitians. They will set you goals, monitor your progress and support you through your recovery. Carers also play a key role in your rehabilitation and training is available for them to assist with the specific needs of a person living with stroke.

Optimizing Stroke Rehabilitation in Sydney

Concentric Rehabilitation Centre is Sydney’s first rehabilitation clinic dedicated to providing you with first class on-going rehabilitation after your discharge from hospital. Our clinical approach is based on the 7 principles of stroke rehabilitation which we have designed to maximise your recovery. We have a strong focus on one-to-one physiotherapy sessions and achieving your long term goals. We believe this is crucial for the best outcomes in your rehabilitation.

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