The Benefits of Using Staff Directories Online

March 21, 2024

Staff directories online

York University has consolidated sources of employees’ contact details and photos, which make it easy for users to search, locate, and identify team members. Unlike the old paper-based staff directories, the digital solutions run on an intranet platform and can be easily updated to reflect changes in employee profiles, like new phone numbers or work projects.

A good online staff directory provides a wide range of features that streamline the process of searching and presenting results to improve user experience. These may include an intuitive search box, alphabetical A-Z index, office and department listings, and other useful filters like birthdays. They also offer multiple ways for users to connect with their colleagues, like calling or messaging them, and even share forms and documents.

Improving Inter-Departmental Collaboration

Besides making it easier to get in touch with teammates, an online staff directory helps minimize silos and encourages a collaborative culture. It makes it easy for team members to identify colleagues with the right skillsets and expertise to work on inter-departmental projects.

With a click, it’s possible for employees to see their colleague’s contact details like email and phone number, as well as their time zone and location. The directory may also display the individual’s professional profile with additional details such as pronouns, nicknames, languages spoken, hobbies, education, projects, and social media links. Moreover, some directories feature an organizational chart view, or org chart, to help new hires familiarize themselves with the company structure and organization.

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