The Importance of an EICR Check

March 10, 2024

The safety of the electrics in your home or business is crucial, and a poorly maintained electrical system can put people at risk of shocks and fires. The good news is that regular eicr check inspections can help you to identify and resolve any issues before they become dangerous.

The most common reason that people have an eicr check is to satisfy the requirements of their insurance policy. However, this is just one of many reasons that this type of testing is important.

During an EICR test, a qualified electrician will examine the condition of your fixed wiring system and determine whether or not it is safe for continued use. A full report will be issued, including details of any defects or faults identified, and a recommendation for further investigation.

EICR Check: Ensuring Compliance and Safety in Your Property

An EICR can be conducted on commercial or domestic properties, and the frequency of the tests will depend on the type of property and how it is used. For example, a house that is used solely for accommodation will need to have a test every five years, while a commercial property will require more frequent testing.

Landlords must provide their tenants with a copy of an EICR before they move in, and landlords should also have an EICR carried out on any new electrical installations they make in their property. This helps to protect the welfare of their tenants, prevents fires in their properties, and ensures that they are complying with regulations.

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