Thermoplastic Line Markings

September 30, 2023

thermoplastic line markings

Thermoplastic line markings are the pavement marking paint of choice for road and parking lot striping projects because of their durability, longevity, and safety features. Unlike traditional paint, thermoplastic does not crack or chip. These markings are also highly visible and reflect light which allows for safe driving conditions even during the darkest nights or worst weather. These markings are commonly used to create lane lines, arrows, symbols, messages, crosswalks and handicap (ADA) symbol markings. This link

They can be built up to varying degrees of thickness which makes them adaptable to a variety of applications including the creation of rumble strips which give drivers a physical feedback in the form of vibration and an audible rumbling noise when they stray outside of their lanes which helps to reduce accidents and collisions. The addition of glass beads increases retroreflectivity, allowing the pavement markings to be more easily seen in poor lighting conditions.

From Design to Durability: The Art of Thermoplastic Line Markings

The long lifespan of thermoplastic markings means that they will last up to seven times longer than painted lines, reducing maintenance costs and downtime due to the need for reapplication. In addition, the quick-drying nature of thermoplastic allows for the pavement to be opened to traffic much sooner than when paint is applied.

Thermoplastic markings are also a great solution for existing parking lot lines that have faded over time because they can be applied directly over them without needing to remove the old line completely. Contact Standard Striping to find out more about the benefits of having clear and durable parking lot lines on your commercial property.

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